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I'm watching "Kindred Spirits" and I don't know why. :0
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Hi! It's been a while since I posted a real journal, so here's what I've been up to and what you can expect.

-Create-a-Danny Version 3 is coming out later this fall! It's been almost a year since I posted version 2 so I may post version 3 for kicks. XD It has a bazillion more items in it. I can't remember if I reorganized everything or not, and since I'm on a different computer than usual I can't check it to see if I did! XD So expect that soon.

-I'm still not into Danny Phantom, sorry folks. It'll take a big thing for me to get back into it, like maybe a new series altogether. XD But though I still do like drawing Danny still, I'm going through an "original" phase, basically abandoning all fanwork and dedicating my time to my original projects, currently one called "The Inventor". Basically, I'm not active in any fandoms, just wavering on Doctor Who and a few classic television shows.

I'll add more later so stay tuned, I have to go now. XD
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Grit by PoisonIVy10
So I messed with Onemotion again and found a way to make a grainy, gritty filter. XD

What fun.

This is the creepiest Frontlines Danny evar.

...You guys... DO realize that the first book is done and out there, right? It's pretty gritty and dark. Like this picture. XD

The DP style fused with my style here to make a kind of... interesting look, I guess? XD
The Flight of Kings by PoisonIVy10
The Flight of Kings
I used the title of a Classic Crime song for the name because it seemed to fit... XD I wasn't even listening to it.

Also, the quality of the art in this fandom has gone crashing down. I don't like anything I see in the "newest" anymore aside from one or two pictures. STEP UP YOUR GAME, PHANS! Danny Phantom is not a show for adults loaded with sex as its fandom would like to tell everyone! It's dark at times, yes, and that can be messed with, but some interests that people seem to be tagging along with... it's pushed me away from the phandom! I'm asking you all KINDLY to put the dirt under a mature content rating so some of us don't have to see it. I don't spread my dirt around.

Let's just draw Danny Phantom for Danny Phantom! Instead of indulging some dark side of ourselves and sharing it with the world and getting approval from our own little groups who like the same thing, and getting no fight against it. I don't want to see it and that... is that.

I do not agree. It's like that. I've chosen to rebel against the world, mates. What everyone else does, I don't do. There. Do what you want but don't make me look at it.

(By the way, I'm not even into this show right now. I'm just wanting to put some decent artwork into the gallery so Danny Phantom doesn't end up with a bad taste to its name. The fandom has gone to the dogs and I'd like to get it back to its former glory.)

I hate mainstream and trends. I think I'm turning a bit into Sam Manson. But I'm back doing the art and I'm not apologizing for being a clean Danny Phantom artist. If I stand alone, I stand alone.

---Rebel Against the World---
I'm watching "Kindred Spirits" and I don't know why. :0
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  • Watching: Danny Phantom


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First off, DA is stupid. It erased my entire awesome bio that I put here, with PLZ accounts, awesome-sauce people, and some epic drawings! And I'm NOT about to retype it!!!!!! *explodes*

My other DA accounts (that I use): :iconwolfkid27::iconstellarthesquirrel:

Though I'm gonna start a Doctor Who PLZ collection here XD
Ninth :icondoctordanceplz::iconninthdoctorplz::icon9thdoctorplz:
Tenth :icondoctorwhoplz::icontenthdoctorplz::iconsaddoctorplz::icondavidtennantplz::iconlaughingdoctorplz::icondoctorfacepalmplz::icondoctorwholaplz::icondoctorwinkplz::iconcrazydoctorwhoplz::iconwibblywobblyplz::icondoctoromgplz:
Eleventh :iconeleventhdoctorplz::iconmattsmithplz::iconangrydoctorplz::iconawesomedoctor-plz::icon11thdoctorplz::iconfishcustardplz::icondoctorthumbsupplz::iconfezplz::icondrwhoplz::icontimeywimeyplz:
Twelfth :icontwelfthdoctorplz::iconpetercapaldiplz::icon12thdoctorplz:
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Other guys: :iconrassilonplz:
TARDIS: :icontardisplz::icontardisdanceplz::iconretardisplz:

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