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I watched Danny Phantom last night and it wasn't far into the intro that I remembered why I loved this show so much XD Blame it on the obsessiveness of early teen years for getting me so into it last time, but I really don't think I could ever truly decide this was a "junior high" show and leave it behind... because this show is just... I don't know but I think it's brilliant. XD
Jenri's Wolf Form by PoisonIVy10
Jenri's Wolf Form
The wolf form of my OC Jenri!

Regular humanlike form here, with mini-bio >>>…

I love Jenri. XD Don't draw him much but he's one of my favorite OCs. He's fully ghost, and he's not a bad guy or a particularly dark guy; he just happens to feature in a particularly darkish fanfiction of mine, War Games, which I, to this day, have never uploaded. It's an early story of mine and is definitely not as dark as Frontlines.

What is War Games about? If you've ever read Pits, it's very similar, only nobody dies. Believe it or not, I came up with the story of War Games before I even knew there was such a story as Pits! Go figure. If you didn't like the depressing, dark mood of Pits, then you could give War Games a try.

Speaking of Pits, I need to finish reading that... someday.
Destiny of the Halfa- Danny's Mission Suit by PoisonIVy10
Destiny of the Halfa- Danny's Mission Suit
I revamped the Mission Suit for my improved style!

I'm frankly very surprised at the response I got for this story on Just a few days ago it got another follower. XD I just started this story for fun but it got a bit of a following...

Hope y'all like this drawing :) I'm pleased with how it came out, even though I redrew one of his hands like... ten times. In three different poses.

Read Destiny of the Halfa >>>…
I forgot to mention in my last journal that this contest ends on THE 27TH OF JULY. That means you have today and maybe 5 more days to submit your vote! If ALL my watchers voted just once, I'd actually have a chance at winning! C'mon, don't make me lose my faith in each one of you! Go click the heart!

And if you can't find a heart at the bottom of the page, you can always look at the "Beyond Time" section under "Writing Contests"; scroll down until you find "The Watchkeeper" and click the heart beside it!

I need the help of all of you! So far there are only THREE VOTES for the Watchkeeper, and the winning story right now has 83 votes! Eighty-one more to beat the top story, so I need EVERYONE'S help!

Thanks for helping!


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United States
First off, DA is stupid. It erased my entire awesome bio that I put here, with PLZ accounts, awesome-sauce people, and some epic drawings! And I'm NOT about to retype it!!!!!! *explodes*

My other DA accounts (that I use): :iconwolfkid27::iconstellarthesquirrel:

Though I'm gonna start a Doctor Who PLZ collection here XD
Ninth :icondoctordanceplz::iconninthdoctorplz::icon9thdoctorplz:
Tenth :icondoctorwhoplz::icontenthdoctorplz::iconsaddoctorplz::icondavidtennantplz::iconlaughingdoctorplz::icondoctorfacepalmplz::icondoctorwholaplz::icondoctorwinkplz::iconcrazydoctorwhoplz::iconwibblywobblyplz::icondoctoromgplz:
Eleventh :iconeleventhdoctorplz::iconmattsmithplz::iconangrydoctorplz::iconawesomedoctor-plz::icon11thdoctorplz::iconfishcustardplz::icondoctorthumbsupplz::iconfezplz::icondrwhoplz::icontimeywimeyplz:
Twelfth :icontwelfthdoctorplz::iconpetercapaldiplz::icon12thdoctorplz:
Daleks :icondalekplz::icondaleksplz::icondalekfunplz::icondaleksecplz::icondavrosplz:
Master :iconthemasterplz::iconfunnymasterplz::iconnotfunnymasterplz::iconjohnsimmplz:
Logos :icondoctorwho-plz::icondoctorwhologoplz::icondwplz:
Weeping Angels :icondontblinkplz::iconweepingangelplz:
Cybermen :iconcybermanplz::iconcybermenplz:
Companions :iconamypondplz::iconrorywilliamsplz::iconrosetylerplz::iconmickeysmithplz::iconsarahjanesmithplz::icondonnanobleplz::iconmarthajonesplz::icondoctordonnaplz::iconianchestertonplz:
Other guys: :iconrassilonplz:
TARDIS: :icontardisplz::icontardisdanceplz::iconretardisplz:

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